My name is Brady Charron. I grew up in Saco, ME and went to Thornton Academy where I began taking classes that showed me how to create unique and interesting websites. I graduated from there in 2007 and proceeded to expand my web knowledge at the New England School of Communications (NESCom). There I took part in the Associates program for Web Media.

During my time at NESCom I had the privilege of taking part in an internship with a web development company named Sephone Interactive Media, where I got to test my knowledge and gain real world experiece. Also during my education at NESCom I worked on my photography skills, by taking both the beginner and intermediate photography classes that were offered there. During these classes I learned the basics of how to shoot great photography and worked my way up to things from product photography to group shots and more. In 2009 I graduated from NESCom with an Associates Degree in Communications with a concentration in Web Media.